UCA Cassava Chips

For the health conscious looking for a delicious guilt-free snack, UCA presents its distinctive cassava chips, created particularly with you in mind. Starting out with freshest selection of cassava roots, each one is individually peeled, thinly sliced then exquisitely seasoned to bring you a natural and wholesome chip characterised with a delightful crunch.

UCA 木薯片

注重健康的您,如果想要來點美味,吃了也不會有罪惡感的零食,那就選擇UCA 特別為您打造獨特的木薯片。從最新鮮的木薯根開始,每一塊都仔細削皮、切薄片,然後仔細調味,只願為您帶來天然、有益健康的零嘴,咬一口,木薯片碎裂的聲響,就是它的獨特之處。

Freshness in Every Bite

UCA helps you enjoy the freshness and flavour of the cassava in the most innovative way. Similar to tapioca and a key source of carbohydrate, these thin and crispy cassava slices are perfect as a tasty snack. Every bag of cassava chips is free of trans-fat, gluten and cholesterol, ensuring a guilt-free, crunchy indulgence you can enjoy anytime.

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UCA 幫助您用最新潮的方法,享用最新鮮的木薯風味。木薯片與木薯粉類似,都是碳水化合物的來源,而薄脆的木薯片更是最適合的可口零食。每一包木薯片均不含任何反式脂肪、麩質及膽固醇,保證讓您能隨時享受無罪惡感、充滿香脆口感的零食。

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