Tai Sun

The flagship product range of the Group, Tai Sun embodies the strong cultural traditions and family values that have defined its character since its introduction. Over time, the brand has transcended generations. It has bridged market trends but still continues to draw on time-tested roasting techniques that produce quality nuts that are both fresh and flavoured naturally. Today, Tai Sun nuts are in high demand for their good quality and taste, the ideal ingredients for everyday good living.


作为本集團的旗艦商品,自推出市场以來,大山系列便體現了深层次的文化傳統及其家 庭價值观。隨著時代更替,大山依舊獲得每一代消費者的支持。市場潮流來來去去,大 山仍然屹立其中,其烘烤技術通過了時間的考驗,生產出高品質新鮮、天然风味的优质 堅果。時至今日,大山堅果憑著出色的品質與口味,持續熱賣,成为大眾美好生活的一 部分。

Everyday Good Living

Despite its humble beginnings, Tai Sun's traditional nut products
are now highly sought after by consumers, food and beverage establishments and retail outlets in more than 10 countries across the globe. They are well regarded as the popular snack of choice for sharing good times and good living with family and friends.

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