Our Story


The Tai Sun brand story is best appreciated by first understanding the passion and commitment that transformed our small family business from humble origins into the brand that we are today.

Driven by an indomitable spirit that has seen our treasured values of quality, consistency and partnership transcend three family generations, we were determined to establish a strong reputation for reliability and dedication that would earn us the trust of our customers.


数十年来,大山恪守质量为本、持续经营、互利共赢的价值理念,经过三代人的共同努力,建立了有口皆碑的品牌知名度与美誉度,并由此赢得了客户忠诚度。基于此, 我们才会将品牌精神定位为 "一切真至完美"。

This is the basis on which we first conceived our focus on Goodness in Everything, a business fundamental that does not just apply to the products we offer, or to our processes, but also extends to the quality of our people and the overall service experience we offer.

Our customers deserve the very best. That's why we strive to consistently provide them with memorable moments of pleasure through the snack choices we offer. With the same attention to detail that still defines our proud heritage, it's our way of perpetuating the warm family traditions that have made us who we are.

我们的品牌发展不仅仰赖于高质量的产 品、规范化的生产流程,也仰赖于我们高素质的员工以及我们提供的整体服务体验。 大山只给消费者最好的。

大山为消费者提供丰富的零食以及与这些零食联系在一起的 美好记忆。"关注细节"始终是我们引以为傲的家族传统。这也是传承我们美好家族 传统的方式。正是对细节的关注,造就了今天的我们。