Our Profile

We've come a long way since our establishment in Singapore in 1966.

Our modest family business has grown, and we have extended our product range to an extensive selection of snack food options such as nuts, potato chips, dried fruit and other snacks, with the sole intention of giving our customers more choice.

Today, we are well regarded by our customers not only for offering them a wide selection of snack products, but also for our use of quality ingredients, high-tech processing methods, and our unwavering attention to detail across our business. Our customers have come to expect no less from us.

We diligently strive to improve our business operations and market reach. In addition to upgrading our production capabilities, we have extended our market distribution significantly. Our products are now enjoyed by many snack food lovers across global markets including Asia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

As we flourish, we still continue to hold firmly the traditional spirit of enterprise and fortitude of our founding forefathers. It shapes our commitment and drive to be the best brand we can be to our customers, both present and future.