Our Story

The Tai Sun brand story is best appreciated by first understanding the passion and commitment that transformed our small family business from humble origins into the brand that we are today.

Driven by an indomitable spirit that has seen our treasured values of quality, consistency and partnership transcend three family generations, we were determined to establish a strong reputation for reliability and dedication that would earn us the trust of our customers.

This is the basis on which we first conceived our focus on Goodness in Everything, a business fundamental that does not just apply to the products we offer, or to our processes, but also extends to the quality of our people and the overall service experience we offer.

Our customers deserve the very best. That's why we strive to consistently provide them with memorable moments of pleasure through the snack choices we offer. With the same attention to detail that still defines our proud heritage, it's our way of perpetuating the warm family traditions that have made us who we are.